Meet Changeangel at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit!

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The countdown to the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is ticking away, and we’re starting to get a little impatient. With a plethora of big-name guests already confirmed as speakers and a whole range of big-name firms exhibiting their latest products, the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit is poised to be one of the biggest events of the year.

To top off the list of hot projects showcasing their epic platforms at the summit, changeangel has just confirmed that he will be in attendance. Changeangel is the swap exchange the gives back to projects and has roots deep in the charitable world. If you’re at the summit, make sure you pop by their booth and spread that crypto love.

Supporting Sustainable Development of Projects

Changeangel has a rather particular set of listing requirements, and it’s these specific requirements that make every project listed on the swap exchange fantastic. Changeangel supports non-ICO coins, meaning the coins you can swap on changeangel were all self-funded and are projects built out of passion for blockchain. A small portion of the fees collected from the swaps of coins gets donated back into the community for that project. This helps these non-ICO projects continue to remain financially viable without having to ask for money from investors.

Helping Children Access Clean Water

We can’t sing the praises of changeangel enough, as earlier this year the team combined forces with CryptoBantam and Trevor Jones to raffle off a stunning piece of Bitcoin artwork. People bought tickets into the raffle and the winner was chosen by the Bitcoin blockchain. The money raised from the raffle and was split into three piles, each pile going to a specific charity. Enough money was raised to give 2,000 people access to clean water, another incredible achievement from the changeangel team, CryptoBantam and Trevor Jones.

Meet the Changeangels Live!

If you want to say thank you to the guys at changeangel, then make sure you’re at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit later this year. Changeangel will be there representing all of the coins listed on its swap exchange, including BTC, LTC, DGB, RDD, POT, RVN, VIA, UBQ, FLO, FTC, BLK, GRS, ETH, DOGE, PPC, BTG, and DCR – so make sure you pop by to learn all about these amazing projects and communities.