Get Your Hands on This Epic Bitcoin Print and Save Children

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The cryptocurrency world is one of the most generous and giving, with big names in crypto donating millions to help other people. Crypto communities may disagree on virtually everything – whether it’s block sizes, consensus mechanisms or who is Satoshi Nakamoto – but one thing everyone agrees on is that children are the future. Just before Christmas 2018, the Bitcoin reddit community pooled together to donate Bitcoin to a charity that buys school supplies for children in Venezuela. The initiative collected enough Bitcoin to get supplies for just over 500 children – the perfect way to kick off Christmas.

Changeangel – the crypto swap exchange that gives back to the community – has managed to acquire a stunning piece of Bitcoin art and is auctioning it, with the profits going to 3 charities that all support children.


A Limited-Edition Bitcoin Artwork for a Good Cause

The Ecstasy is an augmented reality oil painting and is an artist’s proof 1, meaning it’s truly one of a kind. It stands at a sizeable 80 x 60 cm, making it perfect for your home. The winner will be chosen at random by the Bitcoin blockchain, with the winner being notified immediately. Each ticket costs €5 and can be paid using a range of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat. All of the money raised will be split between 3 charities that all focus on helping vulnerable children. Changeange invited DustAid and CudoMiner to pick two charities they believe the money should go to.

The Little Edi Foundation – Selected by DustAid

The first slice of the donations will go to the Little Edi Foundation which helps children in Moldavia get clothes, shoes and the education they need to live a full and prosperous lives. The Little Edi Foundation created food bags and distributes them to the poorest areas of Moldavia, as well as distributing 800 boxes of shoes gathered from nurseries, schools and community groups.

War Child – Selected by CudoMiner

War Child is focused on giving children and mothers a safe place to live, and thrive in war torn countries. Children are given a safe place to work with access to resources that will give them the best possible start to life as well as access to legal aid for those who have been violated by war and its aftermath.

Thirst Relief – Selected by Changeangel

Around the world, 3 children die every minute from dirty and unclean water, so Changeangel has decided to select Thirst Relief. Thirst Relief build wells in rural communities around the world, giving children and families quick and easy access to fresh and clean water. Access to clean water should be a human right, meaning your money is going to a worthy cause.

A Helping Hand from A Talented Artist

Changeangel is dedicated to social good and giving back to crypto communities, and now it’s looking at charities as well. Changeangel approached the talented artist Trevor Jones – who has a flair for crypto and blockchain related art. After meeting Trevor at the Cryptocompare conference in London, Trevor came up to Changeangel and donated the Ecstacy as he knew it would be going to a good cause. Since that moment, Changeangel has been exploring ways to raise as much money for charities as possible – a noble goal that more crypto projects should adopt.

Now is your chance to get your hands on a truly unique piece of Bitcoin art and give children all around the world a fighting chance at a better life – and it only costs €5. Join the likes of Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao who recently donated $200,000 to poor families in Malta. These charities are well deserving and will change the lives of countless children – plus you will have a cool piece of Bitcoin art to hang in your living room!