MakerDAO Co-founder Suggests Abandoning Ethereum for Solana Fork

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  • MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen has suggested migrating the project from Ethereum to a Solana fork
  • Christensen thinks Solana’s code is designed to power efficient blockchains
  • MakerDAO is in the process of a complete makeover that would lead to it moving off the Ethereum blockchain

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen has floated the idea of moving the project from the Ethereum blockchain to a fork of Solana. The DeFi protocol is in the process of conducting an overhaul of the project to create subDAOs and move it to an independent chain dubbed ‘NewChain,’ four months after unveiling Spark Protocol. According to Christensen, Solana’s code is better engineered to power efficient blockchains, a view that’s likely to reignite the rivalry between the two chains.

Solana’s Technically Sound, Efficient and Resilient

The planned migration to ‘NewChain’ is the last step in the project’s Endgame upgrade meant to, among other things, move the project to an independent chain, a process estimated to take roughly three years. 

According to Christensen, Solana’s codebase is efficient, has a high technical quality, has manifested its resilience by successfully wading through the FTX saga and there are other successful projects already running on forks of the Solana blockchain.

Christensen’s views were questioned by crypto users who sought to understand why he couldn’t stick to Ethereum. While answering one such question, he said that while an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM)-based chain is crucial when “building stuff for users,” it doesn’t address MakerDAO’s “specialized backend” needs.

Christensen’s suggestion didn’t sit well with a section of the crypto community forcing Anatoly Yakovenko, another MakerDAO co-founder, to step in. According to Yakovenko, choosing Solana over Ethereum has “nothing to do with Solana’s mainnet or SOL vs ETH.”

“Ethereum is Awesome”

Yakovenko also said that “Ethereum is awesome” noting that Solana borrowed heavily from Ethereum and urged the Solana community not to use it to attack Ethereum. However, it seems that damage has already been done with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin liquidating his remaining MakerDAO tokens.

With MakerDAO preferring to use Solana’s instead of Ethereum’s codebase for its proposed new chain, it’s to be seen whether this will influence other web3 projects to build on Solana.