Magic Eden Denies Claims It Has Been Hacked

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  • NFT marketplace Magic Eden has denied it has been compromised after users noticed mixed-up images on the platform
  • Some of the images featured characters from The Big Bang Theory TV series
  • Magic Eden pinned the mixup to a third-party service that it uses to cache images

Solana’s leading NFT marketplace Magic Eden has refuted claims that it has been hacked after it displayed mixed-up images. Some of the images featured characters from The Big Bang TheoryTV series while others had pornographic depictions. According to Magic Eden, the confusion was brought about by a compromised third-party service that it employs to cache NFT images on the platform for easier viewing by users.

Just Refresh Your Browser

In a tweet, Magic Eden assured users that their NFTs are safe and that the marketplace has not been hacked, adding that users should refresh their browsers to fix the problem. According to those who posted the issue on Twitter, the mixed-up images would first show up before their actual NFTs would be displayed:

Although the issue started on Monday, a Magic Eden spokesperson told Decrypt that they noticed the anomaly on Tuesday afternoon, after which it took an hour to fix the problem. The spokesperson added that Magic Eden thinks it was not the target of its service provider being hacked, noting that the issue was also witnessed on other unnamed websites.

Decentralized Hosting is the Solution

Some of those affected by the issue rekindled the idea of moving away from centralized servers and embracing “decentralized hosting.” Others noted that Magic Eden is lately finding itself in controversy, probably referring to the recent accusations by Solana’s NFT engine developer Metaplex that it forcefully wants to take over the developer’s functions.

Although the NFT marketplace has continued to build new features and unveil free digital collectibles for loyal users, continually featuring in negative news is likely to decrease its popularity among NFT traders.