Lucid Sight Raises $6 Million to Publish Games on App Stores

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Last year, Lucid Sight announced that it was about to launch a Major League Baseball (MLB) collectables game where users could collect, level up and trade top players from the MBL. The game is a dApp built on the Ethereum Network, but Lucid Sights has bigger plans for its game. It just closed a $6 million funding round led by top names such as Digital Currency Group and Galaxy EOS VC Fund to help port the game onto Android and iOS app stores as well as PC and various consoles.

Bringing Ethereum Based Gaming to the World

Up until now, in order to play Lucid Sight’s epic games, you had to install a dApp browser – something that prevent many users from getting into the scene. However, if gamers can download a regular app on their mobile device, computer or gaming console, they will be more likely to play the games – meaning more people using blockchain technology. Late last year, the PlayStation 4 had its first blockchain based game announced, with the crypto community going wild for Plague Hunters. Blockchain gaming appears to be incredibly popular amongst traditional gamers, and this could be a very smart move from Lucid Sight.

Developing its Scarcity Engine

Now Lucid Sight has the funding secured to bring its current games to the masses, it’s already eyeing up a new project. The game developer has now managed to raise a cool $11 million and is about to start work on its software developer kit (SDK) called Scarcity Engine. Scarcity will allow other blockchain game developers to quickly and easily port games over to traditional gaming platforms. Meanwhile, Unity game developers are working with the Engin SKD to bring blockchain technology to their console and mobile games.

Blockchain Gaming is Taking Off

Blockchain based gaming is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the help of microtransactions. Game developers can now integrate the ability to quickly and affordable allow players to trade items, characters and top up their accounts using blockchain technology. This means weapons, characters, and vehicles from all sorts of games can all be transported into one world – making the ultimate gaming experience possible.

Lucid Sight is giving blockchain based game developers a new lease of life and is expanding the potential for developers to reach new target markets and make it in the competitive gaming industry. We can’t wait to play Lucid Sight’s epic games on traditional devices and we know the Scarcity Engine is going to be a big hit amongst developers! 2019 looks set to be a huge year for Lucid Sight.