Unity Game Developers Get a Blockchain SDK From Enjin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are more than 4 million game developers out there using the Unity engine, and these developers have just been handed a quick and easy way to integrate blockchain technology into their games. Using Enjin’s ERC-1155 tokens, developers can create tokens that are fungible or non-fungible to create a gaming ecosystem where players can trade in-game digital assets such as characters, weapons, ammo, outfits and much more. This new SDK from Enjin opens up the door to an almost unlimited potential of new ideas and possibilities.

Multi Game Assets

One new possibility of the Enjin SDK is the ability for developers to team up and allow players to share items between different game titles. For example, players could by a brand-new gun in Red Dead Redemption 2 and then send that gun to their account on Call of Duty to play with it over there. The possibilities for cross game and platform trades is almost endless, giving game developers ultimate freedom to create wild and wonderful collaborations.

Samsung and Enjin Teaming Up

In a recent demo video of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone – the one with the built-in private kay storage – the Enjin wallet could be seen. This caused Enjin to pump by more than 200% in a matter of hours. This could be a brief window into the wonderful world that blockchain based gaming will have upon the mobile device world. By having an Enjin wallet on your smartphone, making in-game purchases with Enjin would be easier and faster than ever before. If the rumors are true, the potential could be colossal.

Meet the New Block Explorer

At the same time as the SDK launch, Enjin announced its new block explorer. Until now, block exploration tools have been rather technical and scary to the average user. Now that Enjin is making a foray into the gaming world, it has created a sleek and easy to use block explorer for the average Joe. Now, gamers can quickly explore transactions and gain access to blockchain data without needing to learn a whole new platform.

Enjin is making huge inroads into the global gaming industry, and could see itself teaming up with huge names from the scene. Thanks to its speedy block times and low-cost transactions, Enjin is proving to be the cryptocurrency of choice for game developers all around the world.