LG Partners with Korean University to Launch Metaverse Campus

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  • LG has collaborated with Korean institution Yonsei University to launch a metaverse campus
  • LG has unveiled the project through its subsidiary LG Uplus
  • The metaverse campus is open to the registered students

Tech giant LG through its subsidiary LG Uplus has collaborated with Korean institution Yonsei University to launch a metaverse campus dubbed Meta Yonsei. The virtual campus will mimic the university’s Sinchon campus including its library and auditorium. LG Uplus wants to use the project to improve students’ academic efficiency, a move that increases the adoption of metaverse technology especially among the young generation.

Taking Regular Course Lectures in the Metaverse

Meta Yonsei will only allow registered students to access all of its features with unregistered visitors only allowed to access what it deems to be public places like landmarks. According to an article on a local publication, the virtual campus is already registering considerable uptake.

The local publication revealed that the digital campus is connected to the university’s learning management system (LMS), making it possible for verified students to “take regular course lectures […], extracurricular courses […] and participate in team and community activities.”

LG Uplus intends to boost the campus’ features to allow students to hold student parties, alumni events, festivals and competitions. LG Uplus’ Jeon Seung-hoon disclosed that they plan to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in a bid to enhance the platform with the hopes of making it “another campus of Yonsei University.” 

The university’s Park Tae-young commented on the development saying that the virtual campus is gaining popularity among Generation Z “who are accustomed to a non-face-to-face environment.”

Lenovo and Asus Announce Metaverse Plans

This isn’t the tech giant’s first entry into the blockchain and web3 space. In 2022, it added crypto and blockchain to its company charter. A year later, it announced plans to bring metaverse support on its smart TVs.

LG’s move comes at a time when  other tech heavyweights like Lenovo and Asus have announced plans to build metaverse hardware connected to Meta’s Quest headset.

With Meta Yonsei already recording an uptick in usage, it’s to be seen whether its success will inspire other learning institutions to join the metaverse.