KSICRYPTO Outed for Misleading Followers Over Coins

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Online sleuth ZachXBT has accused crypto YouTuber KSI of misleading his X followers
  • The sleuth lamented that KSI has resumed operating his X account saying that the YouTuber is back to share “garbage”
  • KSI defended himself by saying that he truly believes in crypto projects he promotes on his social media accounts

On-chain sleuth ZachXBT isn’t happy with the return of YouTuber KSI on X (formerly Twitter) saying that he’s back to posting “garbage.” According to the blockchain investigator, KSI has in the past been caught promoting crypto projects on his page but secretly selling his holdings once they appreciate in price, a classic example of a pump-and-dump scheme. The Youtuber, however, refuted the claims saying that he genuinely believes in all projects he promotes, raising questions as to why he offloads his bags when a project’s tokens appreciate in value.

Investing in the Now-defunct Terra Luna

ZachXBT supported his argument with an example of a project that KSI promoted on his X account but was dumping the project’s tokens worth $850,000 in the background. KSI replied to the allegations saying that he sold the tokens to invest in the now-defunct blockchain project Terra Luna.

KSI further argued that he wasn’t “trying to scam” his followers, noting that his actions were influenced by his excitement about upcoming crypto and NFT projects. Another YouTuber popularly known as Cofeezilla disagreed with KSI’s explanation that “he had no clue” that his promotions would lead to a price pump.

YouTuber Charged

KSI’s return has unearthed his friendship links with YouTuber Logan Paul who is facing charges of failing to honor his promises of creating an NFT project despite taking investors’ money.

The allegations come two months after Ex-U.S. President Donald Trump was also caught cashing out his NFT royalties and five months after Nima Capital dumped over $2 million worth of Synapse tokens.

With ZachXBT and Coffeezella on KSI’s return, it’s likely the YouTuber won’t have much space to promote crypto projects for personal gains.