Kleiman vs Wright Verdict Delayed as His Team Admit He Lies

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  • A verdict in the Kleiman vs Wright trial won’t happen until next week
  • Jurors didn’t come to an agreement during deliberations today
  • Wright’s legal team admitted in closing that their client is a liar in the hope of tainting evidence against him

A verdict in the Kleiman vs Wright case is not expected until Monday at the earliest, with hopes of a quick decision dashed yesterday afternoon. After more than two weeks of testimony and cross examination, the two sides put across their closing arguments yesterday, with Wright’s lawyers basing their close around the fact that Wright is a serial liar with which the defense, astonishingly, agreed.

Kleiman’s Lawyer Hammered Home Inconsistencies

According to courtroom insiders, Kleiman’s lawyer Vel Freedman used his 90 minutes to hammer home the plethora of evidence backing up their claim that there was a partnership between Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright, as well as the evidence that they said showed that Wright stole bitcoin and intellectual property by forging Kleiman’s name on contracts.

Freedman painted a picture of Wright and Kleiman mining around a million bitcoin together in 2009 and 2010 which never went into a trust but which Wright retained access to, signing it all across to him in stages after Kleiman’s death in April 2013, alongside intellectual property from the company in question – W&K Informational Defense.

Wright Confirmed Liar Says Own Defense

Full details of the defense’s arguments have not yet been shared by court witnesses, but what we do know is much more of a bombshell than emerged yesterday on so-called Bombshell Monday. A courtroom insider told FullyCrypto that the closing from Wright’s lawyer Andres Rivero was “one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen” in a courtroom, in that he admitted that Wright was a known liar, something that was backed up by others:

The reason for this admission, which isn’t a bombshell to those who have been following Wright’s career, was so he could claim that all the evidence from the plaintiff’s side was tainted because it came from an unreliable source. This is a high risk move whose only chance of success is that the jury can’t decide truth from forgery and therefore can’t convincingly rule on the case.

The court has now broken for the Thanksgiving holiday and deliberations won’t continue until Monday, with jurors instructed to avoid any media coverage of the trial until then.