Kat and the Crypto Van are Back on the Road

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Kat is back on the road in the Crypto Van to help spread crypto awareness
  • It has been just over 10 months since Kat last went on a crypto road trip across the states
  • Kat is spreading awareness of top cryptos in all the cities she stops through crypto seeds

Last summer, Crypto Kat set out on a journey across America to spread crypto seeds and help raise awareness of several top cryptocurrencies. It was hailed a huge success and it drove dozens to explore the amazing world of crypto.

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to relax, Crypto Kat is back on the road in the legendary Crypto Van. This time, Kat and the van are heading from Florida deep into Texas, spreading crypto awareness along the way.

Bringing Crypto to the Southern States

On Crypto Kat’s last adventure, she started out in California and made her way to Virginia, hitting up all the major cities along the way. Briefly stopping in Las Vegas, Kat planted some seeds in the biggest casinos Sin City has to offer. This time around, she’s hitting up the southern states, ending her trip in Texas. This time around, Kat will be dispensing Bitcoin and crypto awareness to the people she meets on her trip.

A True Hero of Mass Adoption

Kat is a true champion of mass adoption as she brings awareness of crypto to huge swathes of America. Imagine rocking up to play some casino games at Caesars Palace and finding a Bitcoin seed – you’re going to check it out and talk to people about it. That’s exactly the conversation that more people need to be having if Bitcoin and other cryptos are going to get adopted as the new standard, and Kat is making it happen!

Kat is well into the journey, spreading crypto awareness to everyone she meets along the way. If you’re in one of the cities Kat is planning on stopping in, say hi and have a nice conversation about crypto – the crypto world is relying on you to help spread mass adoption!