Justin Sun Hits Back at Chinese Travel Ban Claims

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Justin Sun went into full PR mode yesterday as rumors that his much-anticipated lunch with Warren Buffett had been postponed not because of his self-given reason of kidney stones but because Chinese authorities were seeking his arrest. Sun took to Twitter and Periscope to deny the allegations, but this didn’t stop the crypto community having a field day at his expense.

Chinese Media Outlet Suggests Tron Illegalities

Sun revealed only two days before the $4.75 million lunch date with Buffett, to which he had invited several high-ranking individuals in the crypto world, that a bout of kidney stones had forced him to postpone it. Shortly after this announcement however, reports began to emerge from Chinese media that Sun was in fact in China and not San Francisco as he had claimed, and that he was not being allowed to travel to the U.S. for the lunch due to legal problems with several aspects of his platform, Tron, for which his detention was being sought by Chinese police. The claims were made in 21st Century Business Herald and included accusations that Tron’s fundraise was done illegally, and that apps on his network promoted pornographic transactions and gambling, both of which are illegal in China.

Sun Forced to Prove his Whereabouts

Sun hit back by posting photos and a video of himself in his office in San Francisco, as well as taking to Chinese social media platform Weibo to counter the claims made by 21st Century Business Herald. In the Weibo post, Sun rebutted the claims that the Tron fundraise was illegal, stating that funds were returned to investors when ICOs and airdrops were banned in China, and that his team constantly worked with regulators and users to ensure that content on the platform was as positive as possible. He did also offer the caveat however that as the platform is decentralized there is only so much he can do. The developments only exacerbated TRX’s price decline, which has seen it drop 35% in a little over two weeks. False as the accusations may well turn out to be, they nevertheless allowed crypto Twitter to have some fun at Sun’s expense, and remind him just how fondly they think of him: