Iran: Hamster Kombat Has a Political Motive

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  • Iran claims that the web3 game “Hamster Kombat” is a political tool operated by the West
  • Iran believes the game is meant to distract Iranians from the upcoming elections in the country
  • The country will conduct its presidential elections on June 28

Iran is suspecting some Western involvement in the popularity of the web3 game “Hamster Kombat” in the country. Some high-profile Iranian entities believe that the game is being used by the West to distract Iranians from the upcoming presidential elections slated for June 28. Some Iranians even think that the entire crypto space is controlled by the West, sentiments that come when blockchain and cryptocurrencies are also taking center stage within the United States political circle.

Hamster Kombat Players will Choose the Wrong President?

Among those suspecting the Western world’s involvement in Iranian elections through Hamster Kombat is the country’s deputy military chief Habibollah Sayyari. Sayyari thinks the web3 game is being used as a subtle way to meddle in the Iranian elections.

The Iranian deputy military chief said that the Western world wants to distract people from the elections so that they won’t concentrate on “the plans of presidential candidates,” which will make voters settle on the wrong candidate. 

An Iranian publication also commented on the issue noting that the game is promoting laziness among players by promising “overnight” success. The game and the broader crypto ecosystem have attracted criticism from religious leaders in the country, with some labeling crypto as “the source of many abuses,” despite the country using crypto to pay for imports.

It’s not that Bad

Some Iranians have praised the arrival and popularity of Hamster Kombat in the country saying that it gives players hope amid a deteriorating economy as the country records an uptick in inflation rate.

Iran’s concerns over the blockchain game come 10 months after the Philippine police warned that malicious actors can use web3 games to scam players.

With Iran uncomfortable with Hamster Kombat, it’s to be seen whether it’ll try to ban Telegram to block access to the game.