NFT News Roundup – 19/11/2021

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This week in the land of NFTs we saw The Mystery of the Disappearing NFT Site get solved, Miramax pick a fight with Quentin Tarantino, and the NFL kick off a commemorative ticket NFT project.

Pharell Williams ‘Happy’ to Help CXIP Oversee Market Governance

NFT integration software company CXIP Labs this week announced the CXIP DAO which has the goal of letting creators govern and oversee the future of the NFT market instead of the marketplaces that sell them. The CXIP DAO advisory council includes recording artist and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, visual artist Jen Stark, and Justin Aversano, whose Twin Flames collection has registered about $18.4 million in trading volume all time.

Hic ec Nunc Mystery Solved

The mystery surrounding the unannounced closure of Tezos’ NFT hub Hic et Nunc was solved on Monday when founder Rafael Lima handed over control to the Tezos community and stepped away from the project. Hic ec Nunc’s website had mysteriously gone offline the week before with the Twitter bio changed to ‘discontinued’. Hic ec Nunc will now be run by a DAO made up of the Tezos community.

Miramax Wants to Kill Quentin Tarnatino’s Pulp Fiction Auction

Quentin Tarantino found himself in hot water with the studio behind his 1994 classic Pulp Fiction, Miramax, over his planned NFT auction. Tarantino is selling unreleased scenes of the original script as NFTs but Miramax want to stop him, saying that they own the rights to the film and everything to do with it. Nothing to do with them planning their own line of Pulp Fiction NFTs of course.

Right Click Paradise Opens Online

On Thursday it emerged that an NFT pirating site, NFT Bay, has uploaded images of all the most valuable NFTs in the fledgling space and is allowing them to be downloaded for free. Mainstream media outlets guffawed and hurrahed at the news, which they said reinforced their beliefs that NFTs are worthless as anyone can get hold of them for free, which completely undermines the point of individual ownership. Never mind, they’ll get there one day.

NFL Kicks Off Commemorative NFT Tickets

Thursday also saw the NFL announce that it was experimenting with NFTs, with tickets purchased at select games being paired with “Virtual Commemorative Tickets” sent as NFTs to eligible Ticketmaster wallets. The league has released its first batch of commemorative NFTs through Ticketmaster and Polygon, which includes 125 different collectibles for each of the league’s 32 teams.