Popular Japanese Anime “Attack on Titan” Reveals Web3 Plans

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  • Leading Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” has announced plans to enter the web3 space
  • Its entry into the space will be done in collaboration with The Sandbox among other partners
  • Attack on Titan’s web3 entry will see the creation of NFTs around the anime

Top Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” has disclosed that it’s ready to enter the blockchain world through partnerships with leading entities like The Sandbox. Announcing the news, The Sandbox’s co-founder Sebastien Borget said that the entry into the space was a natural move since the anime has “taken the world by storm” and is loved worldwide. Its entry into the web3 space will see the creation of an NFT collection inspired by the anime and also offer fans “epic experiences,” something that will help bring more people into the virtual world.

Interactive Experiences Await

The shift was made possible after The Sandbox and other partners were authorized by the anime’s owner, Kodansha Ltd, to use its intellectual property.

According to an announcement, the Attack on Titan metaverse visitors will have the option to buy real estate in the themed area using NFTs to purchase The Sandbox’s LAND. LAND holders can then use their plots of land to create “interactive experiences for players to explore.”

The arrival of Attack on Titan in the blockchain world confirms that web2 projects are ready to follow their users to the virtual world. This comes as virtual projects like Pudgy Penguins are also exploring the physical space by producing physical items tied to their digital creations.

The Sandbox Partners with OpenZeppelin and Dapper Labs

It also adds to The Sandbox’s list of collaborations meant to bring more people into the blockchain world. Last month, for example, the web3 game launched The Sandbox DAO to decentralize its decision-making process.

In 2022, it partnered with blockchain security firm OpenZeppelin to protect gamers and in the same year collaborated with Dapper Labs and other web3 players to create the Open Metaverse Alliance in a bid to push for an interconnected virtual world.

With Attack on Titan joining the virtual world, it’s to be seen whether other popular anime projects like Fullmetal Alchemist and The Promised Neverland with either enter or increase their involvement in the blockchain space.