Globitex Slashes Euro Wallet Prices for All Customers

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Currently, fiat-crypto gateways are charging an absolute fortune in fees and this can eat a massive chunk of trading funds before you even get to buy your first Bitcoin – not to mention how much of the profits you lose to these fees. In a bid to remove this barrier to entry, Globitex has slashed its Euro Wallet fees to make trading on its crypto trading platform. It’s one of the first fiat-crypto gateway platforms to take this huge step, and it’s winning the exchange a lot of new fans along the way.

More Perks for Private and Corporate Clients

This new pricing structure doesn’t benefit one group of clients, it’s for everyone who uses the platform. Private clients – meaning regular people trading crypto on their own – no longer have to pay the €100 monthly account maintenance fee, while corporate clients will now enjoy smaller fees on transactions – making Globitex more attractive to large corporate firms and big crypto traders. On top of this, Globitex has put plans into motion that will see the GBX – Globitex’s own token – become an accepted method of payment for Euro Wallet fees, giving users a juicy discount in the process. GBX will start being accepted for fees in the coming months.

Get a Handy IBAN Account

If you’re looking to make payments in Euros, you will know how much having an IBAN account helps. Globitex gives all Euro Wallet holders their very own IBAN account, meaning depositing funds into your account is easier and faster than ever before. This helps skirt round issues with credit cards being declined because of “large purchases” – something a number of European banks appear to be doing when it comes to crypto exchanges. To top it off, Globitex stores your funds in a European central bank – meaning your funds are pretty safe from hackers.

Fiat-Crypto Gateways Are Still King

People looking to get into the crypto trading world are having options pulled left, right and center, so having more options like Globitex the better. Earlier this month, people looking to get their hands on crypto lost LocalBitcoins as it pulled the cash-Bitcoin option from its site. This sparked a number of other sites to open up this feature for their clients, and it’s a huge reason as to why fiat-crypto gateways are starting to slash their fees.

Globitex is changing the way Europeans trade crypto markets and is making it cheaper for everyone – something we can really get behind. Fees are the worst part about trading crypto, and some platforms charge way too much. Hopefully other platforms follow Globitex’s fine example and slash their fees too.