Craig Wright Named Satoshi Nakamoto by Bogota Council

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Dr Craig Wright has been trying to prove that he is the real identity behind the Satoshi Nakamoto moniker since Bitcoin began, and he finally got a lucky break. On a trip to Colombia, Wright met with the council of Bogota to give a talk on how Bitcoin can be used in South America to create financial freedom. After his talk, Nelly Mosquera – the president of the Council of Bogota – presented Wright with a certificate that recognizes him as the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Can the Real Satoshi Please Stand Up?

As Wright loves to do, he spoke quickly and used technical terms – meaning a crowd made up of councilors stood no chance of understanding what he was on about. Councilman Jorge Duran spoke up about this issue, disagreeing with the decision to give Wright the certificate as nobody understood his presentation. Anyone with a moderate level of understanding could quite easily confuse the council of Bogota and stand a chance of being called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright Slipping Up… As Usual

During the CoinGeek conference, Craig Wright gave a rousing talk about Bitcoin and how it works within the law. However, midway through his talk he slipped up and admitted that he was reading the Bitcoin whitepaper – as opposed to when he allegedly wrote the paper. The moment was caught on video and has been watched millions of times around the world. This combined with the fact that he refused to disclose his Bitcoin holdings in a Florida court only highlight further that his claims to the Satoshi Nakamoto moniker are purely fabricated.

Nobody is Buying it

Jimmy Nguyen – nChain CEO – posted a congratulatory post on Twitter celebrating the momentous moment, but the crypto community quickly came out in force and attacked Wright for his fake award. Many accused Wright of paying off the council for handing out the certificate, as well as throwing in a bunch of brilliant memes. One commentator summed up the entire BSV project with two images – a scammer accepting fake awards and a billionaire hanging out with escorts. Whether you like BSV or not, you had to admit that Wright and Calvin Ayre are two huge personalities that never fail to deliver the laughs.

Craig Wright is still battling it out in court to determine whether or not he is the real identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto. On top of this, the estate of Dave Kleiman is still hounding him for half of the 1.1 million BTC that Wright and Kleiman allegedly mined together back in 2008 – a sum worth more than $10 billion at today’s price. If Wright can’t shake these cases, then there is a good chance we could see him have to admit that he isn’t really Satoshi.