ASUS Partners with Quantumcloud for Idle GPU Mining

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ASUS is joining the crypto mining party, by forming a partnership with Quantumcloud in order to mine cryptos in idle GPUs. GPU mining has become an impossible task for a number of leading cryptos, but it’s still the best way to mine a number of altcoins. Quantumcloud gives gamers the ability to mine cryptos using their high-performance machines when they aren’t using them – meaning gamers can start to recoup some of the costs of building these powerful PCs while they sleep.
ASUS has teamed up with Quantumcloud to implement this technology in the high-performance computers it ships, giving end users a new way to earn money.

Surprising Time to Enter Mining Market

ASUS has picked a rather interesting time to enter the crypto mining space, as most small crypto miners are starting to turn off their equipment. The low price of cryptos has meant that crypto mining isn’t as profitable as it once was, creating huge power bills that people cannot pay. While gamers don’t have to enable this feature, given the current crypto climate it’s doubtful that this new feature will be used.

Cloud Mining Going the Way of the Dodo

Unfortunately, for most smaller could mining firms – or those that set up hastily – the current crypto climate has caused huge losses and many firms are now closing their doors. Earlier this year, Hash Flare became one of the first cloud mining victims of higher electricity prices, increased difficulty levels, and drastic dips in Bitcoin’s price. These factors could scare gamers away and encourage them not to use the new facility on ASUS machines.

Power Consumption Remains an Issue

If gamers are running their PC’s 24/7, they could end up with a higher than usual power bills come the end of the month. Gaming PCs are designed to perform at the highest level, meaning they consume a lot more power than a regular PC. When only being played for a few hours a day, this increase in power consumption is barely noticed, but if the PC is on 24/7 and running at full power to mine cryptos, this could quickly become a problem.

Updates Could Risk Crypto Rewards

For any gamers who do decide to use the new system from ASUS to mine cryptos, they could be put off by the sheer number of people who try to steal these rewards. Hackers have already successfully embedded malware in Adobe Flash updates, so who knows what is next. On top of this, gamers have already been targeted by scammers looking to get their hands on crypto. Gamers are offered hacks for games, but hidden in these hacks is code that searches for crypto-related information. The scripts then steal private keys and crypto wallets are emptied very quickly.
While this new partnership sounds great on the surface, when you boil the facts down it quickly becomes clear that it wasn’t thought through. Many gamers might want to mine cryptos to earn some side cash, but as soon as the power and internet bills start racking up, they will quickly disable the feature.