Alchemy Launches a 4-Minute Web 3.0 DApp Builder

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Alchemy has launched a tool that lets Web 3.0 developers build a complete DApp in four minutes
  • The DApp builder adds to Alchemy’s efforts to bring one billion people to Web 3.0
  • Dubbed CW3D, it aims at simplifying developers’ lives

Blockchain developer Alchemy has launched a tool that helps developers churn out new Web 3.0 decentralized applications (DApps) in four minutes. Dubbed Create Web 3 DApp (CW3D), the tool is part of Alchemy’s mission to bring a billion people to the blockchain world, which the developer thinks can only be done by simplifying developers’ lives. 

Production-ready and Customizable

In a Twitter thread, Alchemy noted that CW3D-based DApps are compatible with major blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon and Arbitrum, adding that the tool is “production-ready, composable, abstracted and comprehensive.” Some of the available customizable templates include one that lets developers develop applications that can, for example, “display all NFTs for a given collection.”

Speaking to Decrypt, Alchemy’s product manager Elan Halpern said that most people will only use blockchain-based products if they’re excited about them, noting that developers also need to be “excited about building” for there to be a product.

According to Halpern, CW3D’s code is open source to encourage contribution from the community and to allow developers to add their own templates to the toolkit. However, the executive clarified that the four minutes it takes to create a DApp is a relative value that’s likely to change in case a developer is experiencing connectivity issues. 

Four Minutes…or Less

Halpern added that, even with developers experiencing issues, the tool is much faster than when building a Web 3.0 app using the old-fashioned way. According to Halpern, the lack of reliable tools, support and infrastructure has made developing Web 3.0 projects resemble “building a website in the 90s.”

The tool comes a few months after Alchemy revealed that Web 3.0 developers are still highly active despite the bear market. Although the CW3D tool reduces the time it takes to build a DApp, it’s yet to be seen how many of those apps will have real utility.