Ex-Facebook Employees Create a Blockchain Version of Instagram

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Blockchain technology has empowered millions of developers and entrepreneurs all over the globe to develop safer and more secure products than currently exist. That’s exactly what a group of ex-Facebook employees have decided to do. Together, they built Editional – an Ethereum based blockchain version of Instagram. Editional gives users the ability to create unique digital collectibles and trade them with other users on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unique Works of Art

Let’s face it, the ‘Gram is full of replicated images and people stealing other users’ content. In a bid to help stop this from happening Editional will use AI technology to automatically detect replicated images and will prevent them from being uploaded. On top of this, content creators will be able to decide how many collectible versions of their image are available, giving them additional ways to earn revenue. These collectibles can then be traded or sold on the Ethereum marketplace.

Art Moving onto the Blockchain

The fine art world will benefit from features like this, as fakes will be prevented from even entering the market. Forgers will have to make large changes to works of art to pass the AI system, and these details will no doubt not slip past keen eyed art enthusiasts. Over in the offline world, Artory has just raised $7.3 million in funding to create its own blockchain network designed to track and authenticate priceless works of art. Similar to Editional, every piece of art will be logged in its blockchain, ensuring no forgeries can ever enter the market.

It’s Not Just Art

While the art and creative world is beginning to tap into this fantastic new technology, it’s not just the creatives cashing in on blockchain tech. The supply chain industry has fallen in love with blockchain, and countless companies are now using this tech to secure their supply chain to prevent fraudulent items flooding the market. Carico Cafe Connoisseur is using blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of its coffee beans, while VeChain is partnering up with hundreds of companies around the world to secure their supply chains.

Editional is still in a beta testing phase, but you can sign up to be notified as soon as it launches. For content creators, Editional is definitely the perfect platform to secure and monetize your content. If you haven’t already checked out the app, it’s well worth signing up for so you can be one of the first to get your hands on it when it goes live later this year!