Craig “Faketoshi” Wright Takes Roger Ver to Court… Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Craig Wright is trying to take Roger Ver to court for a YouTube video calling him a scammer and a liar
  • Craig Wright is hoping that Ver’s new passport will be the key to victory in the case
  • Ver will likely win or the case will be thrown out owing to lack of reputation to damage

Craig “Faketoshi” Wright loves nothing more than wasting his time taking people to court. Over the past couple of years, he’s tried to take countless icons of the crypto world to court, including Hodlonaut, Peter McCormack and Roger Ver. After losing every single one of these cases, we’re counting the cases that were thrown out as losses, Wright has decided to have yet another crack at taking on Roger Ver.

More Value to His Case

Last time Wright tried to take Ver to court, Ver was living in Japan and all of Wright’s evidence was based in the USA. A justice of the high court of England and Wales threw the case out and basically said take it where you have a reputation to damage, ouch. This was over several YouTube videos posted by Ver where he repeatedly called Wright a scammer and fraud.

Recently Ver became a resident of Antigua and Barbuda through the country’s rather cheap Citizenship by Investment Program. Calvin Ayre, Faketoshi’s little sock puppet, is also a resident here under the same program and has likely told Wright that he can try again in Antigua and Barbuda. And that’s exactly what Wright has done. Wright has filed a case of libel against Ver in Antigua and Barbuda, but will the case go ahead and will the charges stick?

A Fat Chance in Hell of Winning

Wright appears to have some odd compulsion and addiction to the inside of a court room as he keeps finding new ways to get into court. However, very few of his endeavors into court result in a win for him, possibly because he’s the world’s biggest liar. So, if his previous history and results are anything to go by, we’re putting our money on a resounding win for Roger Ver. Does Wright even have a reputation to damage in Antigua and Barbuda? We highly doubt it, unless it’s with his puppet and his entourage of lady friends.

Time Will Tell

Honestly, taking someone to court isn’t the nicest housewarming gift you can get, but for Ver, it’s just another day in the life of a crypto icon. Wright is mostly full of hot air, and surely the real Satoshi Nakamoto has better things to do with his or her life than taking people to court for posting a mean video. Will this go anywhere? We highly doubt it.