Donald Trump Owns $2.8 Million in Crypto

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  • Donald Trump owns some $2.8 million in cryptocurrencies according to a recent filing
  • This is despite Trump saying in the past that crypto investing hurts his beloved U.S. dollar
  • Trump raked in $4.9 million through NFT sales

The name Donald Trump can now be added to the list of famous names who have apparently changed their minds on cryptocurrency, after recent financial filings revealed he holds around $3 million in digital assets. Trump has only spoken negatively of cryptocurrencies in recent years, including wanting to “go after” Bitcoin in 2018, but a recent disclosure, obtained by campaign group Citizens for Ethics, shows that Trump-connected wallets hold $2.8 million in ETH and that the former president has raked in almost $5 million from his NFT sales.

Trump Wanted to “Go After” Bitcoin

Trump’s first comments about crypto came during his presidency in 2018 when he stated on Twitter that he was “not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air.” In 2020 it emerged that around the same time he had expressed a desire to “go after Bitcoin,” ordering then Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to clamp down on the trading and selling of the cryptocurrency, believing it to be fraudulent.

Trump followed this up the following year with a claim Bitcoin “seems like a scam” and that cryptocurrency investing “hurts the United States currency”, saying that it draws money out of the country.

Money Trumps Morals

It seems, however, that he was somehow able to put these moral issues aside if it helped him get richer, with the records obtained by Citizens for Ethics showing that he raked in $4.9 million through the two batches of NFTs he loosed into the world, $2.8 million of which he still holds in Ethereum wallets.

Donald Trump isn’t the only family member involved in the NFT racket of course: his wife, Melania, has also released two NFT collections.