NFT Platform SuperRare Adds Bitcoin Support

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  • NFT exchange SuperRare has announced an expansion to the Bitcoin blockchain
  • The marketplace plans to launch a Bitcoin Ordinals collection dubbed “No Brainers”
  • It plans to launch the collection next month 

NFT marketplace SuperRare is expanding to Bitcoin with a new Ordinals collection dubbed “No Brainers” and marked for launch next month. SuperRare revealed that the new collection, whose details are yet to be announced, will follow the same quality as its Ethereum-based collectibles. The collection will be in collaboration with artist Killer Acid, and each collectible will be unique, meaning that it won’t go the generative-images way often chosen by many creators in the NFT world.

Ordinals Were Complicated

The NFT exchange also disclosed that it has teamed up with Gamma, a collectibles marketplace that focuses on NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. According to SuperRare, the Ordinals collection will go through the same criteria as its other collections, although it didn’t specify how many collectibles will be in the collection.

SuperRare’s Zack Yanger told Decrypt that he was initially turned off by Ordinals’ complicated nature but later learnt that there are substantial improvements in the ecosystem within months since their launch early last year.

Yanger added that the marketplace is committed to finding more ways to support creators, noting that the decision to add Bitcoin support was advised by the platform’s users.

Gamma’s Nick Sainato also commented on the development saying that it’s “an honor” to work with SuperRare as they dip their toes into the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem.

Elon Musk Supports Bitcoin NFTs?

SuperRare’s entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem comes two weeks after Bitcoin’s weekly NFT trading volume eclipsed that of Ethereum. The phenomenon was attributed to Bitcoin NFTs commanding higher prices than their counterparts on Ethereum.

A few months ago, Ordinals fans supported Elon Musk’s view that the real NFTs must live on the blockchain, a comment they saw as support for Bitcoin Ordinals. The Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem has over the months grown in popularity attracting notable entities in the space like Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs and NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Magic Eden.

With SuperRare joining the Bitcoin Ordinals bandwagon, it’s likely to boost the adoption of Bitcoin NFTs.