Don’t Miss The C³ Crypto Conference 2019

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2019 is set to be packed with top crypto events from some of the biggest event organizers around the world. Picking which events you are going to attend can be a tricky balance between region, timetable, speakers, and exhibitors, but that’s where BitStarz News comes in. We have gone through the calendar and picked out the best events of the year, so you can focus on the most important things in life – that’s why you shouldn’t miss the C³ Crypto Conference 2019 in Berlin. Featuring the biggest speakers and exhibitors to grace the crypto sphere, C³ Crypto Conference 2019 is set to be THE crypto event of the year!

Meet the Speakers

When it comes to crypto events, it’s all about the speakers. C³ Crypto Conference 2019 has one of the biggest and best lineups of speakers we’ve seen in some time, and you won’t want to miss any of their talks. Including Dr Mervin, Tavonia Evans, Rossco Paddison, Angel Versetti, and Miko Matsumura, you will be treated to an eye-opening experience that will change the way you view the crypto world. One thing is for sure, you’re not going to want to miss a second of the action.

Mentioning BitStarz Opens Doors

When you’re booking your tickets, make sure you use the code “BITSTARZREADER”. This will entitle you to a cool 15% discount on your tickets – you can thank us later. As part of our commitment to our loyal readers, we strive to get you into the biggest crypto events around the world with a nice discount and the full VIP package. This epic discount will get you front row seats to every single talk that’s happening and unlimited access to the exhibition floor.

New Tech, VR, AR, and AI Make an Appearance

C³ Crypto Conference 2019 isn’t just for crypto fans. This year the conference will have exhibitors from the VR, AR, and AI industries, giving you a chance to meet new faces in the tech world. Most of these projects integrate some form of crypto or blockchain tech in their product, so we know you’re going to have an absolute blast.

So, book your tickets and get yourself down to the airport. The C³ Crypto Conference 2019 kicks off on March 27th in Berlin – don’t be late. It’s set to be one of the biggest crypto events of the year, just make sure you mention BitStarz News – we promise they will take great care of you!