Brave Boosts its Ad Blocker to Become More Efficient

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brave is the browser of choice for blockchain enthusiasts and people who value their privacy. It comes with a whole host of features designed to keep your data secure and ads away from your eyes. However, Brave has noticed that its ad blocker tends to slow down the loading time of pages. In a bid to create the best user experience possible, Brave has decided to rework and fine-tune its ad blocker plugin.

69x More Efficient

Currently, loading the average webpage takes between 69 and 75 requests to fully load. All of those requests then have to be checked against hundreds of thousands of rules and presets. This entire process can take a significant amount of time, especially when you’ve got an ad blocker checking each and every request for ad script or tags. Brave had already improved the speed at which these requests are processed, but it has taken things one step further with its latest upgrade. By optimizing using the Rust programming language as opposed to C++, Brave has managed to make its ad blocker 69x faster – meaning website now load blazing fast.

Will Gab Fork This Too?

Earlier this year, we saw the controversial social media site Gab fork the Brave browser in a bid to keep its users online and accessing the platform. This caused quite an uproar in the blockchain community, with the two company’s CEOs exchanging words. At the time of the fork, the new ad blocker script wasn’t present – meaning Gab has the inferior ad blocker installed on its new makeshift browser. If Gab wants to really compete with Brave, it will need to fork the latest version of Nightly or Dev to get their hands on the speedy ad blocker.

Keeping Safe from Cryptojacking

If you care about your devices, then ad blockers should be the most important browser extensions you have. Ad blockers have the power to fend off most cryptojacking attacks by blocking the scripts. The scripts have been flagged as ads, so if you visit a site while using an active ad blocker, you won’t need to worry about the website mining cryptocurrencies in the background.

This new ad blocker upgrade for Brave is momentous, as it will help draw in more users to the number one blockchain browser. It now loads websites faster than Google Chrome – the browser Brave originally forked. Update to the latest version of Nightly or Dev to get your hands on the fastest ad blocker in town.