Blue Horizon, Where NFTs Meet DeFi

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Blue Horizon is the next generation of NFT platforms and it has its IDO on Monday
  • The platform is a part exclusive arthouse, part yield farm, and part NFT token exchange
  • Blue Horizon is curating its own stable of digital artists to create exclusive works for serious collectors

There are by now plenty of NFT platforms out there, but one upcoming platform aims to shake up the competition and take NFTs in a bold new direction. Blue Horizon proclaims itself to be where NFTs meet DeFi, and it’s easy to see why – the platform has an NFT exchange, an NFT token exchange, yield farming opportunities for both, partnerships with the newest NFT games, and more. And it isn’t just any old NFTs that Blue Horizon sells – it is actively curating a stable of the best digital artists in the space and working with them to create exclusive collections. The project has its IDO coming up on Monday after successful private funding rounds to build out the prototype and looks like it could represent the future of the NFT space.

Blue Horizon Taking NFTs to a New Frontier

Until now, the general use case of NFT platforms has been for everyone and anyone to mint, buy, and sell the latest NFT fad. Blue Horizon changes all this, with the platform aiming for a much greater scale of operations. The headline feature is the acquisition of partner artists, digital artists that Blue Horizon’s art director has handpicked and brought on board. These artists will create exclusive NFT series’ and will sell them on the Blue Horizon platform, allowing them a chance to showcase their work to future collectors.

BH Pushing the Boundaries

Underneath the hood however, Blue Horizon offers so much more. The NFTs themselves, which now include items from the NFT game Space SIP, can be farmed and a yield collected, the same of which can be said for Blue Horizon’s native token BLH, as well as tokens from a raft of other NFT exchanges and platforms, with liquidity pooling also an option. The BLH token itself offers discounts on platform activity as well as entitling the holder to a percentage of the revenue.

Blue Horizon’s IDO takes place on Monday, November 22, with details available from its website and Twitter page.