Shiba Inu Founder Steps Back From Project Association

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  • The founder of Shiba Inu has deleted the contents of his/their Twitter and Medium accounts
  • Ryoshi expunged all Shiba Inu references going back more than a year
  • The project doesn’t seem to have been affected

The founder of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme coin has scrubbed all online ties to the project, suggesting he/they has stepped away from any connection with it. Ryoshi, who went by the Twitter handle @RyoshiResearch, deleted every tweet and reply he/they had ever posted and replaced all Medium posts with one enigmatic message that suggested that his/their link with Shiba Inu was over.

Twitter and Medium Accounts Rinsed of Shiba Uni References

Shiba Uni was created in August 2020, although Ryoshi only started his/their Twitter account in February the following year. As with Bitcoin, nobody knows if Ryoshi is an individual person or a group of people. The last tweet sent from the account was around this time last year, since when the account has been dormant, already suggesting a reduction in association between Ryoshi and Shiba Inu.

This divorce now seems to have been made official, with Ryoshi expunging all the contents of his/their Twitter account all Medium posts, replacing them with this message:


Project Doesn’t Seem Impacted

The official Shiba Inu social media accounts haven’t referenced the departure from the scene by Ryoshi, and indeed the price has barely been affected, suggesting that this is in no way a sign that the project itself is being abandoned.

Naturally however this hasn’t stopped the rumour mill from going into overdrive, with unverified speculation sweeping crypto Twitter in an attempt to whip up some hysteria. All in all however, the situation seems similar to that with Bitcoin when Satoshi stepped down once the project was in “safe hands”.