NFT News Roundup – 03/09/22

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to head to the NFT ring and see who has kicked the shit out of who this week. Ding ding!

Ticketmaster Goes With the Flow

NFT blockchain Flow this week announced that Ticketmaster has migrated to it from Polygon, paving the way for the ticketing giant to offer digital collectibles. Ticketmaster had been using Polygon to issue NFTs to fans and ticket buyers, but used Flow for last year’s Super Bowl LVI.

This pilot seems to have gone down very well, and the pair have made their union official, booting out Polygon in the process. Flow says that over five million NFTs have been issued through Ticketmaster already, with more to come in the way of tickets, memorabilia, VIP access and other rewards.

Facebook Joins Instagram in NFT-sharing Capability

Facebook users joined Instagram users in the ability to post NFTs from their digital wallets this week, pushing Meta’s Web 3.0 domination attempt to the next level. Instagram users began to trial NFT sharing in May, and this week Facebook announced that users of both platforms can now connect their digital wallets and share their collectibles.

There is, however, one limitation, and an important one – it will only work with the Facebook app. Users on web browsers will be bang out of luck for the time being therefore, which could reverse the movement in recent years to switch from the app to a web browser for privacy reasons.

Reddit to Offer NFTs to Busiest Bees

In a move that has not gone down universally well, Reddit will offer exclusive NFTs to reward those who use the platform the most. The platform has been considering implementing NFTs for some time, including launching NFT avatars in July, and this week it announced a new series of ‘collectible avatars’, limited-edition avatars made by independent artists, in partnership with Reddit, that will also provide owners with unique benefits on the Reddit platform.

Users can purchase the new collection, which is being built on Polygon, or they can wait to be airdropped one by the Reddit team if they have contributed significantly to the platform. However, the new offering didn’t go down all that well, with a mini uprising taking place, including some subreddits banning users with NFT avatars.