Disney-Backed Venture Launches Blockchain Documentary Series

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If Disney is anywhere adjacent to it, it’s going to have some film aspect of it. 

Dragonchain, an enterprise blockchain born in Disney’s own tech labs, is no exception. 

Dragonchain CMO Jonel Cordero once explained

“A blockchain itself is designed as an immutable distributed ledger allowing users to publically audit transactions. Dragonchain approaches the process in a hybrid fashion of both Public and Private blockchains through a 5-layer spectrum of trust. Beginning with a private set of L1 nodes that then goes through a spectrum of trust.”

A new documentary will feature the story of Dragonchain, from its inception to its present-day operations. 

The documentary series will be one of the first of its kind — a blockchain company working with a multi-billion dollar studio having its own version of a reality show.

‘Atari’ Filmmakers Tackle Disney Brainchild

The documentary is a production of Vision Tree, a company that “strives to create maximum positive impact and a paradigm shift in the world through Media and Technology. ” 

Vision Tree is working on a number of other projects at present, including several movies, even a noteworthy one about the rise of Atari, which was funded via a token sale. 

Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets, previously of Bloq, Inc., said in a prepared statement: 

“Dragonchain was built to solve complex problems with innovative solutions for any developer and any business. We make it accessible and easy to use cutting edge blockchain technology. The partnership with Vision Tree and Coiin present a perfect opportunity to bring our platform and ecosystem further and drive community engagement.”

Blockchain and film have a complicated relationship. 

One of the first crypto documentaries, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, was a smashing success, seeing unexpected distribution on platforms including Netflix. 

At the same time, many media portrayals of cryptocurrency in the visual media have strictly to do with things like darknet markets.