The TIE Reveals the Most Overhyped Projects in the Cryptosphere

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The crypto world is jam-packed full of hype and false promises, which makes picking out a token to buy rather difficult from an objective point of view. To help cut through the noise and decide which tokens have real value and which are just hot air, The TIE has developed a new analysis tool that identifies overhyped and underhyped projects. It works by calculating the number of Tweets per $1 million in trade volume for the token. Tokens with a higher score mean that a project is overhyped, while projects with a low number of Tweets per $1 million in trade volume are classified as underhyped.

Let’s Dive into the Projects

It’s all about the inaugural statistics, as once the beast has been awoken then projects can start toning down the rhetoric – just like Justin Sun. The TIE pointed out that TokenPay is the most overhyped project in the Twitter world with a staggering 911.1 Tweets per $1 million in trade volume. To put that into perspective, that’s 33,077,000% higher than the most underhyped project. So, if you’re a TokenPay hodler, you might want to have a long hard think about why you’re hodling – could its value just be hype? Tether took home the prize as the most underhyped project, with a lowly 0.003 Tweets per $1 million trade volume. That’s not very surprising considering it’s a stablecoin. EOS comes in a close second place with 0.008 Tweets per $1 million in trade volume.

Hype Rules the Crypto World

As we saw with Initiative Q, if you can generate enough hype around a project, virtually everyone on the planet will sign up and give you their data. The Initiative Q project created an incredible amount of hype back in 2018, promising to become the next global currency and it also gave out Q tokens to people who signed up or referred friends. Just under a year later and the project has all but vanished from the world, highlighting that hype burns bright and fast.

The analytics from The TIE are well worth paying attention to before sinking your hard-earned cash into a crypto project, but take the results with a pinch of salt. For example, DigiByte ranks as the fifth most overhyped project, but in reality, there is a huge community constantly working on new developments and applications for the network. Hype can work one of two ways, it can be an indicator of activity or an indicator of something fishy. In the case of DigiByte, it’s a case of activity and love for the project.