Cryptocurrency Winners and Losers 2020

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2020 has seen its usual share of highs and lows in the cryptocurrency world, from Bitcoin beating its record price to food-based meme DeFi tokens robbing people of millions of dollars. Of course there are people behind those peaks and troughs, and so we proudly present the 2020 FullyCrypto Cryptocurrency winners and losers.


Vitalik Buterin – got Ethereum 2.0 launched, saw Ethereum used as the basis for the huge DeFi movement, and saw the price of ETH jump almost 5x in 2020.

Andre Cronje – saw his YFI token hit $43,000, became known as the Godfather of the DeFi movement.

Richard Heart – managed to convince gullible idiots to hand over tens of thousands of ETH to invest into HEX, a ‘certificate of deposit’ that required the locking up of HEX tokens for up to five years while he walked off with their ETH.

Hayden Adams – the founder of Uniswap, whose platform saw sensational growth during the DeFi boom, and whose UNI token was handed out free to users.

Michael Saylor – MicroStrategy CEO who invested $435 million of his company’s balance sheet into Bitcoin right before it almost doubled in price.

Akon – the singer and cryptocurrency advocate sealed a deal to build his crypto dream, Akon City in Senegal, a city powered by blockchain and his Akoin token.


Craig Wright – never got the keys to the Tulip Trust, lost a lawsuit to Roger Ver, got accused of plagiarizing work twice, got caught editing said plagiarized work once, failed to get Kleiman case dismissed, got exposed as a liar when 145 so-called Tulip Trust addresses were signed by the owner.

Mark Zuckerberg – endured endless rebukes from governments about Facebook’s Libra project, watched big backers leave the Libra Association, watched Libra get delayed and watered down to a pale shadow of itself.

Calvin Ayre – spent the year defending Craig Wright after Faketoshi quit social media, tried to claim BSV being ignored by PayPal’s crypto platform was a “good thing”, watched as the millions he poured into BSV went down the drain, announced he was leaving BSV in 2021.

Jamie Dimon – remained staunchly anti-crypto even as his own employees at JPMorgan promoted cryptocurrency’s staying power and said Bitcoin could compete with gold as an alternative currency, allowed bank to offer custody services to Coinbase and Gemini.

Peter Schiff – spent the year publicly misunderstanding Bitcoin again, proclaimed gold’s price increase then watched Bitcoin go multiples higher, denied that money was leaving gold to go into Bitcoin, lost Bitcoin holdings due to self-imposed password error.

EMN Investigation Members – group that tried to crowdsource funds for a lawsuit after losing millions through buying EMN token on the back of two tweets and a smart contract.

Roll on 2021

Congratulations and commiserations to our 2020 cryptocurrency winners and losers. With 2020 coming to a close we can look forward to 2021 bringing with it another barrage of contenders vying for a spot in next year’s list. Will we see some familiar faces? With Craig Wright set for more court action next year we very much expect so.