Wright vs Kleiman Finally Has Court Date Set

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  • Craig Wright vs Dave Kleiman Estate jury trial set for July 6
  • Wright pulled out of settlement talks six months ago
  • Calvin Ayre says that Wright “wins no matter the outcome”

Craig Wright will finally get his day in court, as his multi-billion-dollar case against the estate of his former business partner Dave Kleiman has been allotted a hearing date. Having declined to settle after a ruling was made against him in the case by Judge Reinhart in November, Wright has been left with no choice but to face a full trial and risk even more financial penalties.

July 6 is Wright’s D-Day

Wright and his lawyers will face the Kleiman estate and their laywers on July 6, with another judge in the case, Judge Bloom, penciling in a two-week jury trial to settle the matter of ownership of the Bitcoin Tulip Trust once and for all.
This result was all but inevitable after Wright pulled the plug on settlement talks six months ago following a case in which Wright submitted forged documents in his defense, took “directly conflicting factual positions” during testimony, and perjured himself during testimony.

Following Judge Reinhart’s decision to grant a motion to compel Wright to hand over 500,000 and pay legal fees and expenses, Wright was expected to work out a settlement plan. After initial negotiations he soon pulled out, landing him with another legal bill for his troubles, and meaning a jury trial is the only recourse of action remaining.

Wright’s Personality Could Prove his Undoing

Wright is going to have modify his behavior in front of the judge and especially the jury if he is going to have any chance of getting them on his side – Judge Reinhart called him “belligerent and evasive”, while his notoriously pompous manner will no doubt rub the jury up the wrong way from day one.

Wright’s friends and those who rely on him for their potential fortunes have been standing up in his defense, with CoinGeek’s Calvin Ayre offering a helpful summary:

Ah, even if he loses, Craig Wright still wins. Well that explains a lot about the blinkered BSV mindset. According to previous tweets from Ayre, Wright has been looking for this day in court all along. Now he finally has it, Ayre is being careful to frame any potential defeat months before the trial has even started. Quite telling, don’t you think?