Bitcoin Breaks All-time High on Multiple Exchange

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  • Bitcoin broke its all-time high on three exchanges yesterday
  • Kraken, BitStamp, and Binance all saw records that have stood since December 2017 tumble
  • Four exchanges remain until everyone is convinced

Getting on for three years since it topped out after its epic bull run, Bitcoin has finally broken its all-time high value. Yesterday, at 3pm UTC, Bitcoin crossed the $19,660 barrier on Kraken for the first time since December 2017, marking a new epoch in Bitcoin’s history. While celebrations began on crypto Twitter at news of the event, some were keeping the champagne on ice until all-time highs were passed on all exchanges, which surely cannot be far away.

Three Down, Four To Go

It was perhaps fitting that Bitcoin would choose this year of all years to offer up the kind of good news the community has been waiting for since 2017. Having got close last week before dumping over $3,000, Bitcoin recovered and finally made it over the line at three exchanges yesterday, seeing in all-time highs at Kraken, BitStamp, and Binance.

Kraken was first to fall as Bitcoin raced from $18,369 to $19,825, with BitStamp and Binance falling soon afterwards:

This leaves four major exchanges will all-time highs left to go:

  • Coinbase – $19,891
  • Bitfinex – $19,981
  • Gemini – $19,999
  • Bitmex – $20,093

Not only did Bitcoin break its all-time high, it also rounded off the month with its highest ever monthly close, putting in the biggest monthly candle for a year and a half:

Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 05.48.18

Crypto Twitter Can’t Decide on Bitcoin High Point

Crypto Twitter was united in joy at the huge event, although some refused to celebrate until $20,000 had been unanimously crossed:

The scenario is similar to New Year’s Eve, when the actual event passes at staggered times across the world. The fact that the community couldn’t even agree at which point it was correct to celebrate sums it up very neatly!

Where Bitcoin goes from here nobody knows of course, but after three long, painful years Bitcoin has finally banished the accusations of 2017 being a one off.

Bitcoin is back, baby.