Smart MFG and SyncFab Both Join the Binance Chain Network

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Two projects focused on deploying blockchain technology to the manufacturing sector have recently joined the Binance Chain network. Smart MFG and SyncFab will now have access to Binance Chain’s multi-asset class digital payments systems, as well as a host of other top-shelf features. Both projects will be able to swap their ERC20 tokens for Binance’s BEP-2 tokens as soon as the platform migration has been completed.

Listing on Binance DEX

The decision to move both projects over to Binance Chain comes as quite a surprise, seeing as it’s not really being used by other supply chain projects. However, one of the perks of being on the Binance Chain network is the fact that the tokens will be listed on the Binance DEX. The last few tokens to list on Binance have pumped massively, and both Smart MFG and SyncFab could be after the same mega pump. Last month, Harmony pumped more than 800% as soon as it was listed on Binance – definitely something worth chasing if you’re a project after a money grab.

Supply Chain Management Heading to the Blockchain

Blockchain and the supply chain world have become best friends over the years, with so many blockchains emerging with the sole purpose of enabling companies to track their supply chain. Currently, VeChain is one of the most popular blockchain networks to use for supply chain management, and the project has signed numerous major deals over the past eighteen months. Last week, VeChain announced a partnership with Walmart China to manage and track produce moving between 426 stores, 8 dry distribution centers, and 11 fresh distribution centers in 169 cities around the country.

No Real Advantages

Both Smart MFG and SyncFab are heavily focused on managing the supply chain of the manufacturing industry, so joining the Binance Chain gives the pair no distinct advantage. It appears as if the move is simply to take advantage of the Binance DEX listing and the free PR that will come with it. Word to the wise, if a project moves blockchain networks that provide no real advantage, it’s worth steering clear. Chances are, it’s probably a money grab opportunity.

While this is great news for Binance Chain as it secures two projects focusing on supply chain management, there are no real advantage for investors besides the potential price increase. The new blockchain network won’t help the pair develop their product further or provide any new features.