Craig Wright Whitepaper Copyright Win Could be Overturned

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  • Craig Wright’s victory Bitcoin developer Cøbra could be short lived
  • An appeal over Wright’s victory in the Bitcoin whitepaper case has been filed and will be heard
  • The appeal judge may hear evidence as to why Wright did not create Bitcoin

Craig Wright’s default judgement victory over Bitcoin developer Cøbra, which was celebrated by Wright’s camp as a copyright victory by Satoshi Nakamoto, might be reversed after an appeal was lodged and a hearing date set. Cøbra revealed on Twitter yesterday that someone else claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto had filed an appeal to the judgement which will be heard at an unspecified date, leading to the intriguing prospect that the verdict might be reversed.

Bitcoin Whitepaper Case Not Over Yet

Wright was awarded a default judgement in the case against Cøbra in June after the Bitcoin developer decided he didn’t want to give up his anonymity and fight it. The judge had no choice but to award the case to Wright, which meant that had to take down the Bitcoin whitepaper from their site.

Wright’s camp, backed by Calvin Ayre’s billions, has a tendency to pick fights against those with far smaller pockets, as Wright proved when he sued 16 crypto developers in an attempt to get them to mint new coins for him following a disputed billion-dollar Bitcoin hack on his home network in February 2020.

Satoshi Fights Back

Wright’s camp celebrated the Cøbra victory as a case of Satoshi Nakamoto rightfully taking back the whitepaper copyright, but it seems that he might not get it all his own way:

Whoever this Satoshi Nakamoto might be, it will be intriguing to see what evidence they have up their sleeve that Wright did not create the Bitcoin whitepaper, of which plenty abounds, such as the absence of any drafts of prior copies or the lack of any corroborated evidence he knew anything about Bitcoin prior to 2013. No doubt the upcoming podcast, Dr Bitcoin – The Man Who Wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto will have something to say about it.