Craig Wright Tries to Claim $1 Million to Speak at 10x Growth

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Believe his rhetoric or not, Craig Wright is undoubtedly one of the smartest guys in crypto. Over on Twitter, Grant Cardone has offered the real Satoshi Nakamoto $1 million to speak at the upcoming 10x Growth Conference in Vegas. According to Cardone, none other than Craig Wright has reared his head and tried to claim the $1 million in order to speak at the conference. Reaching out to crypto Twitter, Cardone posted a poll asking for opinions on who Satoshi is. Interestingly, 31% of participants voted in favor of Craig Wright being the real identity behind Satoshi, with 21% claiming that Satoshi is in fact the CIA – a modern day uncle Sam!

Is Craig Wright Really Satoshi?

The $10 billion question on everyone’s mind has recently become slightly more significant, as Craig Wright began suing people who failed to recognize him as Satoshi. Most recently, the estate of David Kleiman sued Craig Wright and is fighting for half of the 1.1 million Bitcoins the duo mined back in the early days of Bitcoin. Wright carries on asserting that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, but fails to yield any proof of his audacious claim. If Wright is indeed Satoshi, he would be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt in open court – banishing all naysayers once and for all.

However, since he hasn’t been able to do that, his name is being muddied and his reputation is at stake. It could simply be a technical glitch that’s preventing Wright from accessing the early Bitcoins – much like the glitch that locks the first 50 BTC from the genesis block to the wallet they’re currently sat in. If so, Wright could have a tough battle on his hands to prove his innocence.

Slipping Up Far Too Often

Over the past few months, Wright has slipped up so many times we’ve lost count. It all began at the CoinGeek Conference, where he said – and we quote:

I remember some whitepaper back in 2008, it had this section on identity in Bitcoin. I remember reading it…

This was the first major slip up before the Kleiman Estate court case, with Wright practically admitting to not being Satoshi. Then, in the court case allegations of forged and tempered documents have taken center stage – with certain emails looking rather hard to believe as genuine. The media has inadvertently reported an issue with a PDF as a fake document, but anyone with half of a technical mind can see that it’s the real deal.

Whether Craig Wright is Satoshi or not really shouldn’t matter. If you’re going to pay a speaker $1 million to speak at the 10x Growth Conference, Craig Wright is a great candidate. Nobody knows Bitcoin, cryptocurrency markets and the technology that powers them better than Wright – even if he learnt it off by heart to prove he is Satoshi!