Craig Wright Allegedly Cries in Open Court Over Bitcoin

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Craig Wright hasn’t had a great time lately, being taken to court by the estate of David Kleiman over stolen Bitcoin and slipping up about his Satoshi Nakamoto rhetoric at the CoinGeek conference. Now, Wright has hit a new all-time low, breaking down in court into floods of tears over Bitcoin. Whether the pressure of pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto has become too much for Wright to handle, creating some form of mental instability, or Wright actually is upset about the whole situation is yet to be seen.

Whatever the cause of his tears in open court late last week, according to eyewitnesses Wright held back tears for most of the session before breaking down.

Bitcoin Being Used for Evil

Craig Wright finally stopped holding back his tears when he spoke about why he decided to leave Bitcoin and join the Bitcoin Cash team. As Wright recalled, Bitcoin as being used to fund sites like Silk Road, Hydra, and even to fund child pornography. It was at this moment Wright broke down into tears. All of this evil appeared to be too much for Wright, as he took a few moments to gather himself before he could continue his speech.

Stop Giving Speeches

Every time the court asked Wright a question, he broke out into filibuster style speeches that would last for long periods of time – often ending way off topic. This is a typical Wright tactic to try and make lawyers forget the question and quickly move on.

Wright Can’t Prove He Has the Bitcoin

The estate of David Kleiman is suing Wright over the ownership of 1.1 million Bitcoin the pair allegedly mined back in 2008. Kleiman’s estate wants half of the pot – a rather fair request. However, Craig Wright claims he cannot access the Bitcoin and he and his wife simply don’t need the money. If this is the case and Wright doesn’t need the money, then why not release it to Kleiman? The answer is simple, because Wright isn’t actually Satoshi and doesn’t have the private keys needed to unlock the money in order to send it over to Kleiman’s estate.

Due to Wright not being able to provide his Bitcoin addresses he could face contempt of court in Florida and possibly face jail time – or a hefty fine at the very least. The Kleiman versus Wright case still rumbles on as neither party will agree to settle or drop the case. We could see this go down to a court decision, one that will likely stamp Wright as a fraudster.