Roger Ver Tells Santa Clara PD to “Go to Hell” In Latest Rant

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  • Roger Ver told the Santa Clara PD to go to hell in his latest YouTube rant as looked to capitalize on the current events in the US
  • Ver claimed the Santa Clara PD and FBI did nothing but harass him and his business after he was stolen from
  • After being labelled Bitcoin Jesus, Ver has slipped away into the shadows, losing his fame and is seeking to reclaim it

Roger Ver is undoubtedly one of the foremost crypto personalities that loves to remain relevant and will do just about anything it takes to achieve that goal. Ver has done an awful lot of good for the crypto world and he’s also trying his hardest to expose why Bitcoin (BTC) just isn’t the best blockchain out there.

However, in his latest YouTube tirade, Ver climbed on the bandwagon and hit out at police in the US for failing to live up to his expectations, at one point even telling the Santa Clara PD to “go to hell”…

Ver Causing a Stir

Ver is well known for getting into hot water and causing a bit of a stir, just cast your mind back to the inaugural blockchain cruise where he argued with Jimmy Song so profusely that Song stormed off the stage. This time, Ver was recounting his life years ago when he ran a business called Memorydealers. According to Ver, thieves ram raided his store and stole millions of dollars worth of parts, only for them to turn up in LA a few weeks later. When Ver called the Santa Clara PD, the FBI and the local LAPD they refused to investigate the parts, causing Ver to tell the Santa Clara PD to go to hell. In the video rant, Ver said:

 “They [the Santa Clara PD] asked for a voluntary donation to the police department to see if we wanted to support the local PD. No, the Santa Clara PD can go to hell in my book.”

Just Another Publicity Stunt

Of course, in true Roger Ver style, this outburst has nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash or his crypto endeavors. This tirade appears to be nothing more than taking the current situation in America as an opportunity to thrust himself back into the spotlight by shaming the police. Ver is known at the Bitcoin Jesus and did an awful lot for Bitcoin in the early days, but he’s sinking down to the lows of Craig Wright and Calving Ayre with this latest cheap shot at the police.


 Fortunately, it’s not too often that Ver goes off on silly tirades like this in a bit to get attention. Hopefully normal programming can return as soon as possible to his YouTube channel…