CoinGeek Complains About BSV Delistings – 7 Months Late

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CoinGeek, the news site run by Craig Wright confidante Calvin Ayre, has complained about the reasons behind the delisting of the BSV token from exchanges Binance and Kraken…seven months after they happened. In an oddly-timed move, CoinGeek has lamented the “collectivism peppered with blatant lies” that they say were at the heart of the decisions and claimed that the project was delisted purely on the basis of Craig Wright and Binance founder Changpeng Zhao falling out.

Wright’s Lawsuit Frenzy Costs BSV

Binance removed BSV pairings from their exchange in April following Craig Wright’s announcement that he would sue anyone that denied he was Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto, despite never having publicly offered conclusive proof. Sure enough, two lawsuits were soon levied against What Bitcoin Did podcast hist Peter McCormack and Twitter user Hodlonaut, and a scrap ensued on the platform with people quickly taking sides.

CoinGeek Gives BSV Full Marks

Binance announced that they would delist the token if Craig Wright, in the words of CEO Changpeng Zhao, engaged in “anymore of this sh!t”, which he duly did, followed by Kraken, who seemed to be persuaded by a Twitter poll they ran. CoinGeek’s complaint is that Binance did not stick to their own stipulated guidelines for token removal, which include factors such as team commitment, development activity and quality, and, crucially, “contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem”. CoinGeek give BSV 100% marks for most of these elements, and then bemoan the “real reason” for Zhao delisting BSV:

It was not at all about the cited “various factors,” but about legal actions Dr. Craig Wright took against certain Twitter trolls. CZ did not approve of the legal dispute and therefore delisted BSV.

CoinGeek seeks to muddy the waters regarding the only point of contention they see in Binance’s delsiting criteria:

Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem? This is where the collectivist mindset of Binance kicks in for the first time. Ethical behavior and healthy contribution to what? To the group. To the tribe.

Interestingly, CoinGeek don’t view Craig Wright constantly claiming to have created Bitcoin without evidence and then suing anyone who disagrees with him as being detrimental to the space. If Zhao were to go about suing anybody that Binance wasn’t the best exchange, would Wright, Ayre, and CoinGeek give him the benefit of the doubt? No, of course not.

Instead, Ayre and CoinGeek whine about the their punishment being “from middle ages where uninvolved persons like family members were held liable for their relatives’ actions.” Are they saying Wright is uninvolved in BSV? The whole argument is preposterous, and also ignores the fact that Zhao, as CEO of a company, can do whatever the hell he likes, something that Ayre benefits from through the very act of spouting his opinions through his CoinGeek mouthpiece.