Coindirect Raises R16 Million in Funding for Latest Project

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Coindirect has been serving customers in South Africa and the surrounding regions for number of years, and has now secured a fresh investment round worth a staggering R16 million led by Concentric, with participation from and MakerDAO. Coindirect has been focusing its attention on emerging markets and bringing crypto trading to regions that other crypto exchanges have left behind or forgotten about. With this latest funding round, it hopes to expand its operations across Africa and Europe to serve those left behind by the giants of the crypto exchange world.

A Sleek and Intuitive Platform

When it comes to crypto exchanges, many feel over-cluttered and too technical for the average trader. This had led to a new wave of crypto trading platforms that are sleek, elegant and user friendly. Coindirect has harnessed this new wave of design and has created a truly stunning platform that is both easy to use and packed with advanced features. This has been imperative for Coindirect as its target markets are not used to trading using complex methods.

South Africa Getting into Crypto

Over the past few months, South Africa has taken a giant leap into the crypto world. HashCash launched its payment platform in the country back in January – allowing merchants to accept cryptos as a payment method in a ere matter of seconds. On top of this VALR launched with South Africa’s largest range of tradeable crypto pairs, giving South Africans a new way to trade the crypto world.

South Africa Cricket Team Gets in Trouble

While there has been lots of positive crypto movement in the country, the country’s cricket team fell for a common Bitcoin scam. The Tweet alleged that the national team had partnered with Luno wallet and was allowing people to enter into a draw to win 20 BTC ($73,000) – all you had to do was send 0.01 BTC to a certain address. Five hours later, the Tweet was removed along with an apology statement.

Coindirect’s latest funding round will allow it to expand its revolutionary platform to the poorest parts of Africa and Europe, allowing more people than ever before to join the crypto movement. The world is full of people who don’t have access to advanced trading systems, and Coindirect is giving these people quick, easy and simple access to a world that never thought crypto trading would be possible.