Coinbase ‘Crypto435’ Campaign Targets U.S. Lawmakers

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  • Coinbase has launched a campaign aimed at shaping U.S. crypto policy from a user point of view
  • Crypto435 targets all the Congressional Districts in the country and wants users to stand up for the space
  • Coinbase knows firsthand the way that crypto is being handled by authorities right now

Coinbase has launched a pro-crypto campaign targeting all 435 Congressional Districts across the U.S as it tried to start a grassroots pro-crypto movement. Coinbase says that Crypto435 is an important movement because “policymakers in Washington DC and state capitals across the US are making decisions about the future of crypto” which will determine the future of the space, and without input from those who support and use the space they will very likely make decisions that may be damaging to it.

Crypto435 Will Target all Congressional Districts

On its signup page of Crypto435, Coinbase warns that the decisions being by lawmakers made right now ”will determine how, when, and where YOU can build, buy, sell, and use crypto” and warns that it’s “more important than ever to advocate for pro-crypto policy in the U.S.” Coinbase of all companies knows just how hard regulators are clamping down on the space, having been on the end of various regulators’ fundamentally unsound accusations regarding stablecoins and staking in recent months.

As a result of its entanglements, Coinbase knows firsthand how certain regulators are refusing to honor their own offers to help those wanting to develop in the crypto space, with many accusing the Securities and Exchange Commissioner of taking a ‘regulation by enforcement’ approach.

Coinbase Outlines Battle Plan

The exchange also published a number of points it hopes to tackle through its campaign:

  • Crypto435 will influence laws and policies
  • Crypto435 will bring the crypto community together and there is strength in numbers
  • Crypto435 will promote innovation and protect jobs
  • Crypto435 will educate everyday Americans about the power of crypto

Hopefully Crypto435 can be a rallying cry to those who support crypto and the Web 3.0 space in the U.S., because without their involvement and pressure, things could get very nasty indeed for the crypto space in the country.