Cecil Alliance Foundation Set to be Blockbuster Project of 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Cecil Alliance Foundation is our pick for the top project of 2022
  • The project has signed deals with major national federations and solves several major headaches in the animal industry
  • Cecil Alliance Foundation is set for launch in Q1-Q2 of next year

This is the time of year where crypto influencers start offering their thoughts on what the biggest cryptocurrency project for 2022 will be, with the usual suspects making the lists, including existing DeFi and metaverse coins. However, there is one project that is set to launch in 2022 that could blow all of these out of the water, at least in terms of real world adoption, but that hardly anyone is talking about – Cecil Alliance Foundation. Fullycrypto is very excited about Cecil Alliance Foundation and what it can offer an industry that is in dire need of the solutions the project offers, which is why it is our pick of 2022.

Cecil Alliance Foundation Has Customers Lined Up

Cecil Alliance Foundation began life as MustangChain back in 2018, with the aim of putting animal data on the blockchain. However, its product was so exciting to other areas of the animal industry, from domestic pets to cattle transport, that the team began to work on a solution that could answer all these needs. This, naturally, led to a delay while the Cecil Alliance Foundation team reworked the product.

A Digital Solution to an Analogue Industry

Broadly speaking, the aim of the Cecil Alliance Foundation is to track individual animals on its blockchain, with everything from veterinary needs to travel documentation added to each animal’s profile for easy tracking and administration. Fullycrypto interviewed Cecil Alliance Foundation founder and CEO Danny van de Griend in 2019, where he gave us a much deeper dive into the project and what it hopes to achieve, which is well worth a read.

Simply put, however, the animal industry is stuck in the analogue age, and van de Griend has since revealed that Cecil Alliance Foundation has signed deals with major national federations to use its solution, which he says will launch in Q1-Q2 of 2022, along with the CECIL token.

Our Pick of 2022

Fullycrypto had Cecil Alliance Foundation as a pick for 2021, but the delays caused by having to cater for a far larger customer base meant that the project was delayed. However, with launch now a matter of months away, we are happy to have it down as our pick for 2022, which just reinforces our faith in the team and the solution.