Calvin Ayre Riles BSV Holders As Wright Files Motion to Dismiss

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  • Calvin Ayre has riled supporters of the BSV project he funds by praising Wright’s motion to dismiss in the Kleiman case
  • Wright’s legal team filed the motion before the defense could put its case, which is yet to be ruled on
  • This would have mean the world would not have gotten to hear the evidence Ayre has long claimed proves Wright is Satoshi

Calvin Ayre riled up beleaguered BSV holders yesterday when he praised the attempt of Craig Wright’s legal team to file a motion to dismiss the case against the estate of Dave Kleiman before the defense put its case. The motion, which is yet to be assessed by Judge Bloom, was based on a lack of sufficient evidence on the part of the Kleiman estate, but the attempt to end the case early has already backfired on Ayre who bore the brunt of BSV token holders following Ayre’s long-held claims of groundbreaking evidence supporting Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ayre Boasted of “Real History of Bitcoin” Coming Out at Trial

Wright claims that he created Bitcoin in 2008 but was forced out in 2011 by other developers who fundamentally changed its purpose. After 10 years he now sees himself as a kind of avenging angel, proclaiming to the world that BSV is the real Bitcoin and taking legal steps to have it seen as such. His financial backer Calvin Ayre has been saying for months that the Kleiman trial will be where “the real history of Bitcoin is told” and Wright will cement his place as Bitcoin’s creator, with masses of evidence to prove it.

BSV holders, who have seen the value of their holdings plummet and stagnate in recent years, believe that such conclusive proof is necessary for BSV to be seen as the real Bitcoin and eventually become, in Ayre’s words, “larger than all of Crypto combined”. However, just days after Ayre’s continued promises that the defense was about to unleash its bombshell, Wright’s team filed its motion to dismiss, which Ayre approved of, claiming that it was better to present it in later court cases:

Needless to say, this did not go down well with the BSV community:

Ayre tried to argue that “its not Craigs fault that he wins so quickly he can not get his full story out…its the weakness of an real facts in small block FUD world”, but this didn’t fly either:

The bombshell ‘evidence’ has so far involved video testimony from Wright’s uncle and ex-wife, with no physical evidence to back up their claims yet presented. Despite this, Ayre has continually claimed that “the case is over” and “Craig already won”.

The case continues.