Brave Browser Teams up with TAP Network to Drive BAT Acceptance

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brave is the browser of choice for all serious crypto enthusiasts, this is largely thanks to its ultra-secure and private design. It automatically blocks scripts that follow you around to snoop on what you’re up to, meaning your web experience is thousands of times better. This groundbreaking browser has teamed up with TAP Network to allow its users to redeem Basic Attention Token (BAT) for rewards offered by more than 250,000 brands in the Tap Network.

Earn BAT and Reap the Rewards

For the most part, Brave is an ad-free browser. However, it gives you the option to view a few specific ads that are tailored to your preferences and you earn BAT for doing so. Once you have accumulated enough BAT tokens, you can head on over to any brand signed up to the TAP Network and redeem the tokens for juicy rewards. You can get your hands on gift cards for top brands including Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, and Apple – so start using Brave today.

BAT Rocketing Upwards

It’s been a good few weeks for BAT in terms of news and sentiment. At the beginning of February, Coinbase added BAT to its earn platform, causing the token to rise by 30%. Then on the back of the TAP Network announcement, BAT shot up by more than 15% within 48 hours and trade volume climbed steadily too. BAT is a popular cryptocurrency when it comes to rewarding users thanks to its fast transaction time and low fee structure. If it continues to develop new partnerships at this rate, we could see it climb even higher.

Browser Extensions Going Rogue

Google Chrome is no doubt the most popular browser in the world, but its popularity has plagued it with problems. Hackers have started to infiltrate their way into popular plugins in a bid to steal your cryptocurrencies. Recently, the MEGA Chrome extension was hacked and turned into a Monero stealing script – not good news for Monero holders. Brave doesn’t use traditional plugins and extensions, meaning your crypto is safer when you use the Brave browser.

Brave is growing at a rapid pace, and partnerships like this will help it grow even further. Teaming up with TAP Network and BAT is a smart move, one that will benefit all parties involved. After all, who doesn’t want to earn crypto for watching a few ads.