BAT Jumps 30% as Coinbase Adds it to Earn Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brave Attention Token (BAT) jumped 30% yesterday on the news that Coinbase was allowing users to claim free BAT tokens through its Coinbase Earn platform. The platform, which Coinbase renamed after purchasing last year, offers tokens to individuals who complete educational lessons on the BAT token and trial the software.

Coinbase’s Adoption Tactics

Coinbase said in a blog post announcing the scheme that being rewarded with tokens is a great way to get users to try new software and apps, which is crucial in fostering wider adoption of crypto-related applications:

We see these interactive, advanced lessons in cryptocurrencies and tokens as an important step toward building awareness and usage of utility use-cases in the crypto ecosystem–one where a beginner can quickly get up to speed on a token in a few minutes, actually engage with the product, and earn some of that token along the way. We think learning about crypto and earning crypto is a great way to get people to evaluate and use more utility tokens without having to buy them outright.

Pioneering a New Advertising Model?

BAT is a cryptocurrency that works in conjunction with the Brave internet browser, which is already used by millions of people. The browser has a built-in ad blocker, but users can sign up to receive tokens in return for watching adverts. This revenue model is one that the BAT founders believe could represent the future of advertising, which many feel is broken as users are able to block or otherwise avoid adverts easier than ever before.
The BAT team feel that rewarding users for watching and engaging in adverts will be better for all parties than the existing model of forcing adverts on them. Should this prove to be the case, the Brave browser and the BAT token may indeed prove to be the pioneers in a new world of advertising.