Boerse Stuttgart Announces Crypto and ICO Trading

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The Boerse Stuttgart has announced that it is creating an ecosystem to trade cryptocurrencies, ICO platform and custodian accounts for those wishing to enter the crypto world. Earlier in the year, it created Bison – a mobile crypto trading app – and the new crypto and ICO offerings will be launched on the app. According to its website, the Bison app is set to debut during Autumn 2018 and will be slowly rolled out to early subscribers – with a full launch some time after.

Europe Leads the Cryptocurrency Charge

While many eyes are focused on America – waiting for the SEC to approve a Bitcoin ETF – Europe is slowly becoming a crypto-friendly continent. Europe first got a Bitcoin ETF back in 2015, and it has been made available on a number of leading trading platforms throughout Europe since. In addition to this, a number of European countries are implementing crypto-friendly laws. Gibraltar led the way – implementing the first distributed ledger technology laws – and Malta wasn’t far behind, passing three crypto-friendly bills into law during early July. Gibraltar United – a low-level European football team – was the first team in the world to begin paying its players in cryptocurrencies, further showing both Gibraltar and Europe’s commitment to the crypto world.

Bison Brings the Innovation

The Bison app gives users the ability to buy, sell, and hodl a variety of cryptocurrencies for free. Low-cost trading applications are soaring in popularity, as they give smaller investors the ability to enter the crypto market in a relatively safely fashion and without the added burden of large fees. Such fees on smaller investments can often take a long time to recover from – especially in a bear market.
Bison is the first crypto trading app to be fully backed by a traditional stock exchange. Users can expect to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple initially, with more trading pairs set to be added in the near future. Recently, Ripple came under fire from the cryptosphere after announcing its latest keynote speaker – but this certainly won’t stop it from becoming a Bison mainstay.

Regulated ICO Trading

Once Bison has launched to the public, phase two will begin and ICOs can be added to the platform. Once an ICO has ended, the cryptocurrency will become tradeable on the Bison crypto trading platform. This brings a regulated approach to the ICO market and helps to protect investors from potential ICO scams. Fortunately, if you love ICOs, we have put together a list of the hottest ICOs around – so take note.
This follows the news of the New York Stock Exchange launching its own Bitcoin market, however Bekkt is targeted more towards institutional investors. Germany isn’t quite at the forefront of the European crypto adoption, but recently the country has taken several steps in the right direction. It announced that profits from crypto investments are exempt from capital gains tax and VAT is not payable when exchanging fiat to crypto.
When it comes to German shores, it’s a case of watch this space, as the country is undoubtedly making strides towards crypto acceptance.