Web 3.0 Woundup – 12/02/23

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This week’s Web 3.0 woundup sees Dookey Dash players running to sweats to push up their scores, Yuga Labs settling a Ryder Ripps lawsuit, and a resignation letter turned into an NFT.

Tally ho!

Dookey Dash Players Run to Sweats

This week it was revealed that players of Yuga Labs’ game Dookey Dash have been outsourcing their game time to sweats in order to increase their score, paying up to $4,000 for the privilege.

While the opportunity to increase one’s score is tempting, Yuga Labs apparently has checks in place to disqualify those who use this method, so you’re just going to have to go old school on this one.

Yuga Labs Settles With Ryder Ripps Developer

Talking of Yuga Labs, it ended its lawsuit against a Ryder Ripps developer this week, but still has one active against the man himself. The Bored Ape creator ditched its claim against Thomas Lehman after agreeing on an undisclosed settlement, following accusations that Lehman had deliberately taken part in Ripps’ efforts to promote a Bored Ape rip-off collection called RR/BAYC and which has attracted a copyright infringement from the company.

Lehman may have off the hook (and a few dollars lighter) but Ryder Ripps himself is still the target of Yuga Labs’ ire.

Resignation Letter Becomes NFT

Mastercard’s NFT head Satvik Sethi turned his resignation letter into an Ethereum NFT this week having left the payments giant under something of a cloud. Sethi resigned due to claims of a poor working environment that he says included harassment causing emotional distress.

In a sign that he at least knows his way around a blockchain, Sethi immortalized his resignation letter as an NFT and stated that he now wants to build his own Web 3.0 company. Probably just as well tbh.