Blockchain Job Searches Drop By Over 50%

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Interest in the battered American blockchain industry has dropped by over 50% in recent months.

In this writer’s opinion, the drop can be in part attributed in no small part to an abject failure in either major American political party. Both democrats and republicans have refused to find a reasonable way to approach the blockchain industry.

America’s Coming Blockchain Brain Drain

From treating billionaire tech executives like enemies of the state to attacking cryptocurrency on social media, the US Government seems intent on replacing its fast-diminishing drug war with an assault on financial liberty.

Despite the numerous constitutional protections intended to safeguard against the kind of Orwellian madness proposed by the likes of Kamala Harris and others, companies such as Chainalysis soldier on, unimpeded by the best efforts of Bitcoin Core.

These companies largely contract with government agencies in order to provide surveillance of the blockchain industry, a sector which globally does not number more than 500 million.

Constitutional protections and failsafes break down in the face of changing attitudes.

Extremists in both the allegedly conservative and liberal parties are suggesting the removal of America’s most basic institutions to include free speech and the right to self-defense.

Indeed says that people have lost an interest in Bitcoin as a potential field of research or productivity since this time last year. The drop is steep: about 53%, as reported by Allison Cavin.

“Looking more recently, in the past year, the share of cryptocurrency job postings per million on Indeed have increased by 26%, while the share of searches per million for jobs have decreased by 53%. We’ve previously covered how bitcoin’s volatility seems to correlate with job seeker interest, and the change in bitcoin price this year might be why job searches have declined.”

Good Time to Get Into Blockchain Programming

Those already working in the industry will likely rejoice at the news. It’s already reportedly difficult enough to find a blockchain programmer worth her salt.

As a result, blockchain programmers are among the best paid in all of computer programming, which informs the previous spike in interest seen by back in the bull run days of 2017.

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