5 Ways To Get The Bitcoin Vote

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are you an aspiring President of the United States or Speaker of the House? Do you like freedom but define some rifles differently than others? Here are a few tips, from me to you, on how to court the Bitcoin vote. 

Note: I’m only half-joking. 

Route 1 – Abolish the Fed

Only a limited number of politicians have ever run a campaign on the idea of abolishing America’s relationship with her favorite private bank, the Federal Reserve. 

The most famous was, of course, Ron Paul, among whose supporters rank a high percentage of all Bitcoiners. 

As a serious politician, we realize that it would be absurd to expect you to abolish all non-constitutional elements of the federal government.

But if you gave the power of our money supply back to the people, you’ll definitely win a huge portion of crypto supporters. 

After all, the Federal Reserve, at this point in history, may arguably be creating more problems than it solves. 

Route 2 – Support the Token Taxonomy Act and Other Fair Regulation

If Bitcoiners ran the world, Warren Davidson would likely have a success story between Ohio and the White House even more impressive than Barack Obama’s. 

While Davidson openly supports cryptocurrency and his home state of Ohio accepts Bitcoin to pay taxes, his co-sponsored legislation the Token Taxonomy Act is so far his crowning achievement. 

Some Democrats have already caught on, such as Tulsi Gabbard. 

Note: a quick way to lose any Bitcoiner’s vote is to say anything similar to, or align yourself to, California Congressbot Brad Sherman

Route 3 – Say The Words “Bitcoin,” “Ethereum,” and “Ripple” Once Per Week

There are literally thousands of Twitter feeds which would broadcast your every word if you’d only speak the name of their chosen bag. 

President Trump was hardly on Bitcoin commentator and hedgie Anthony Pompliano’s radar before he, rather loudly, decided to dump on Bitcoin. 

Now Pompliano has added Trump to his daily round of world leaders to scold for lack of Bitcoin correctness. 

But, if you want a real die-hard community, start spouting anything you’ve ever heard Brad Garlinghouse say, or bring Canadian Vitalik Buterin on stage with you. 

Route 4 – Say You Own Crypto

Crypto Twitter has repeatedly forgiven Mark Cuban for his slights against Bitcoin, mainly because once upon a time he said he bought less than $100 of BTC. I wish I was making this up. 

Now, it’s not easy to prove holdings, and keep in mind that if you win the election, you will likely have to disclose your holdings, although if you’re going for the highest house in the land, then you can apparently stonewall efforts to look at your finances, as the Trump Administration has allegedly done. 

But if you’re just trying to cost your opponents votes, then you can lie and say you own Bitcoin. Or like the so-called “Crypto Mom,” you can regularly tell an anecdote about that time you bought Ethereum. 

Route 5 – Omit Crypto Altogether

At this point, a sack of potatoes — so long as it isn’t named Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren — with a “not Trump” sign hanging from it has a fighting chance of unseating team #BuildTheWall, so one way you can get ahead is to avoid the issue of crypto or blockchain altogether. 

Some of your Democratic colleagues, like Nany Pelosi-challenger Agatha Bacelar, are strategizing by downplaying the non-crypto issues that Bitcoiners generally hold dear (such as gun rights or state surveillance of private communications/finances). Instead, Bacelar maximizes her support of blockchain issues, but you can do even better by not mentioning them at all. 

After all, the most likely presidential candidate from the challenging party, Joe Biden, has said very little about BTC. Biden took office as vice president just as Bitcoin came to life, and inherits a world which still has yet to see the full potential of blockchain technology. Instead, most sectors of the crypto market are still very much in “price discovery” and “speculation” modes. 

Yet, you should remember: in the eyes of the Bitcoiner, no acknowledgement is better than the sort of Luddie witch-hunting we’ve seen from the likes of Kamala Harris, for example. 

Good luck in your efforts, aspiring world leader!