Blockchain Enterprise Firm Partners With Microsoft, Oracle, And More

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Enterprise blockchain firm Insolar announced new partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle, and more this week.

The company also promised collaborations with:

“[A] group of national innovation agencies, including Innosuisse, UK Energy Innovation Centre, and the German Energy Agency, dena.”

Major Players Widening Blockchain Footprint

This won’t be Microsoft or Oracle’s first blockchain rodeo. Oracle’s survival arguably depends in part on an adequate adaptation to the era of the blockchain, and the company’s embrace of blockchain companies comes as no surprise through that lens.

Companies like Insolar are built on the premise that the blockchain can do a lot more than just move money. The value of an indisputable ledger cannot be overstated — it can bring transparency and de facto trust back to numerous battered institutions around the world.

Politics, for example, would become simpler in a world ruled by blockchain, with rules beholden to a people who can see virtually everything about their government from the comfort of their smartphones.

Insolar CEO Andrey Zhulin said in a prepared statement:

“Our collaborations with Microsoft and Oracle create significant technical and market synergies for all parties. Big-picture, they advance the entire enterprise market, giving companies a streamlined way to access robust DLT solutions using Insolar’s innovative, cloud-based capabilities.”

Companies like Insolar intrigue the crypto community because they offer a vision of a blockchain shared by corporations and individuals alike.

Despite a rocky market as of late, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a whole represent a vivid and empowering financial future for all classes of people.

Companies Building Blockchain: The Bleeding Edge

Companies willing to take the risk in this space operate on the prayer that interest can be engendered in companies like Microsoft, and when it happens, we are reminded of how unique the crypto market is.

Indeed, according to CoinMarketCap, Insolar lost nearly 5% over the 24-hour period at press time.

Despite news, Insolar token took a drop.

Insolar dropped a slight amount despite the good news that it had struck a partnership with Microsoft and Oracle. Source:

According to its whitepaper, Insolar is well on track with its mission:

“Insolar’s vision is to facilitate seamless low friction interactions between companies by distributing trust, thus accelerating and opening up new opportunities for innovation and value creation. The Insolar platform is built to satisfy enterprise requirements by combining distributed and cloud technologies and dozens of industry-first features. The Insolar platform is the most secure, scalable, and comprehensive business-ready blockchain toolkit in the world. Insolar’s goal is to give businesses access to features and services that enable them to launch new decentralized applications quickly and easily, whether they need a minimum viable product or full-scale production software and to integrate those applications with existing systems.”

Getting Microsoft and Oracle on board is no small feat.

Markets notwithstanding, things seem to be proceeding for Insolar.