Blockchain Partners With Crypto Startup Blockstack

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Blockchain has added support for the Blockstack token, STACKS.

Blockstack’s token sale was previously the first SEC-compliant digital securities offering.

Blockchain is one of the original wallet providers in cryptocurrency.

Funded with help from angel investor Roger Ver, the company is known for its block explorer above all.

Blockchain Firms Glowingly Partner

It has also made it easy to create a web wallet for years. According to a press release from Blockstack:

“When the integration is complete, Stacks will be available on all of Blockchain’s products, including its Wallet, blockchain explorers, OTC and institutional lending desks, custody solutions, and crypto exchange, The PIT.”

Blockchain CEO Peter Smith is quoted as saying:

“Blockstack has methodically built an impressive network for the future of decentralized finance, applications, and identity. We look forward to not only expanding the number of Stacks holders, but also handing them the keys to a variety of apps that put the sanctity of their data first.”

Blockcstack, as a company, aims to make it very easy for developers to jumpstart the development of decentralized applications. The company boasts over 100 such applications.

While this is a drop in the bucket by comparison to things like Apple’s App Store, the Google Play Store, or even your run-of-the-mill Linux distribution system, it’s a good start.

Where Is The Crypto App Store?

Eventually, it would seem that blockchains will have their own version of these app stores. NEO has one such thing in the form of O3, which enables the express installation of dApps on the NEO blockchain.

Muneeb Ali, Co-founder and CEO of Blockstack, was quoted as saying:

“Blockchain has solidified its role as critical infrastructure for people who want to use crypto and engage in a new economy that works for users, not against them. We look forward to working with the team to bring new faces into our ecosystem, and continue to empower the decentralized applications of the future.”

Blockchain’s embrace of Ethereum has lead the company to increasingly adopt subsequent technologies, after long ago shoving off from its Bitcoin-centric product offerings and doing such things as airdropping Stellar to qualified wallet users.

For example, the firm recently invested in dAppRadar, a company that tracks decentralized application usage statistics.